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By Admin | 7th Jun 2024 | Hits 30

The 112th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) is currently underway in Geneva, Switzerland and will officially commence from Monday, 3rd June to Friday, 14th June, 2024, to be be held on two premises: the Palais de Nation and the ILO Headquarters. 

The ILC is the highest decision-making body of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and is held annually in June to advance the core mandate of the ILO. The Conference brings together all tripartite delegations from the ILO’s 187 Member States and a number of observers from other international actors to discuss a series of topics related to the world of work. The conference will also compose of plenary sessions and technical committee meetings during the period.

This year, 2024, the conference focuses on the agenda which includes a standard - setting discussion on protection against biological hazards, a recurrent discussion on the strategic objective of fundamental principles and the rights at work, general discussions on decent work and the care economy and the abrogation of four international labour conventions.

As part of the conference, all delegates will participate in the discussion of the report of the Chairman of the Governing Board from June 2023 to March 2024. The Director General will also present his report to the conference during the opening sitting captured under the topic: “Towards a Renewed Social Contract”.

The plenary will also consist of the appointment of the president of the 112th session, chairpersons and vice chairpersons of the various committees as well as special sittings on the world of work summit and the World Day Against Child Labour.  

Standing committees for the conference are the Finance Committee and Committee on the Application of Standards. The committee on the Application of Standards would address member states compliance to international standards, review of individual cases related to measures taken by member states to give effect to conventions to which they are parties.

The technical committees include standard setting committee on Biological Hazards that will focus on the protection against biological hazards as well as Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), the recurrent discussion committee on fundamental principles and human rights at work that will espouse issues related to social justice for fair globalization where members would be asked to pursue policies based on strategic objectives on employment, social protection, social dialogue etc. The General discussion committee will touch on decent work and the care economy where issues among others like child care, long term care and support services will be discussed. The last committee being the General Affairs committee will deliberate on the abrogation of four conventions. They are namely: the Underground Work (women) convention, 1935 (No 45), the Safety Provisions (Building convention, 1937(No. 62), the convention concerning statistics of wages, and hours of work, 1938(No. 63), and the Labour Inspectorates (Non-Metropolitan Territories Convention, 1947 (No. 85).

Finally, these committee meetings will be followed by the 112th Session to elect members of the Governing board for 2024-27, whose terms of office take effect from 15th June, 2024.

Subsequently, the conference will adopt the reports and outcomes of all the committees and the 112th session will officially close on Friday, 14th June, 2024 with an address by the President, Vice President of the conference as well as by the Director General of the ILO.

Ghana’s delegation well be led by the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations and Pensions, Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah and accompanied by representatives from the social partners, Employers Organization and Organized labour.