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George Amoah

(Ag. Director)

The Research, Statistics and Information Management (RSIM) Directorate serves as the main research and information dissemination wing of the Ministry. The Directorate conducts and commissions research, compiles and analyses data for the Ministry in particular and government as a whole.

It serves as a repository for compiling all labour market information pertaining to the Ministry in line with its activities and programmes, thereby maintaining a data bank for effective and efficient decision-making.

In addition, the Directorate projects the good image of the Sector both within and outside the country by disseminating information on the Ministry’s policies, activities and procedures, as well as providing a mechanism for receiving feedback on Government’s policies and activities.



The RSIM Directorate is mandated to undertake the following:

  • Employment/labour research
  • Coordination and collation of data collection initiatives on matters pertaining to employment and labour
  • Public sensitization/awareness creation

The Directorate is composed of the following units:

  1. Research and Statistics Unit/Documentation Centre:  Conducts research into the activities of the Ministry, its Departments and Agencies; ensures that requisite data is available for decision-making; and collates relevant data to create a database for the Ministry.
  2. Information Technology/ Information Management Unit: Initiates and maintains the information technology network and infrastructure of the Ministry; and also develops, supports and integrates new technologies into the operations of the Ministry.
  3. Public Affairs Unit: Projects the image of the Ministry and liaises with other public and private entities on issues pertaining to labour and employment.

The functions of RSIM include the following:

  • Conduct/commission research into topical and emerging employment/labour issues.
  • Co-ordinate data collection initiatives related to topical employment/labour issues.
  • Co-ordinate the production and dissemination of sector-relevant data/information in collaboration with the relevant institutions.
  • Conduct research into implemented policies of MELR’s Departments and Agencies for effective monitoring and evaluation.
  • Oversee the effective management of information through the establishment and maintenance of a Documentation Center within the Ministry.
  • Disseminate relevant employment and labour-related data and information.
  • Contribute to the formulation of policies aimed at job creation and growth.
  • Provide a system of feedback to stakeholders and clients of the sector.