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By Admin | 28th Feb 2024 | Hits 398

The Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, the Labour Department, and the EU-Germany-Ghana Joint Action on Jobs, Migration, and Development organized a two-day (2) Annual Operational Work Planning Workshop on Tuesday, 13th February 2024 at the Tyco Hotel in Sunyani, Bono Region.
The purpose of the workshop was to build the capacity of officers from the Labour Department to enable them to develop a work plan for the year 2024. It was also meant to assign responsibilities within the framework of the EU-Germany-Ghana Joint Action within the mandate of the Labour Department.

Mrs. Gloria Borteli Noi, the Director for Policy, Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PPME), in her address, thanked the Ghanaian European for Jobs Migrations and Development for their continuous support and encouraged them to do more.

She emphasized the need to review the activities of the past year and share best practices and outcomes that will benefit the Department and the country as a whole.

Mrs. Noi noted that the workshop has brought together labour officers from Bono East, Bono, Ashanti, Accra, and Ahafo Regions to improve working relations within the Department.

On his part, the Assistant Chief Labour Officer, Mr. Isaac Maalma Kaminta, revealed that under the Bono Project Public Employment Centres (PEC's), have been renovated and equipped. He added that the workshop also serves as a forum for labour officers to craft a detailed annual work plan for the year 2024.

He further explained that the workshop holds significant importance as it provides a platform to reflect on the work done so far. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to assess our achievements and identify the challenges encountered in order to learn from experiences through open dialogue and constructive engagement.

Mr. Kaminta noted that the annual plans serve as a roadmap for guiding our efforts in the regional context and fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among different regions.

He concluded by stating, "Together we can build a future where every individual has access to dignified work, and our communities thrive."