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Hamidu Adakurugu


The Directorate consists of the General Administration Division and the Finance Division.

General Administration Division:

This Division ensures that approved personnel policies in the Ministry on employment, personnel records, training, and wages and salaries administration are translated into good management practices and effectively carried out.

This Division further ensures that services, facilities and logistics necessary to support the administrative and other functions of the Ministry are available.  It also ensures the provision of an effective and efficient system for internal checks.

The Units under the Directorate include the following:

  • Personnel Unit: The Unit manages the files and records of staff in the Ministry pertaining to recruitment, leave, promotion, salary issues, transfer, performance appraisal etc.
  • Records Management Unit: It ensures that documents and information are properly stored to ensure confidentiality and easy accessibility.
  • Stores Unit: The Unit ensures the proper storage of all goods procured and ensures that stocks are replaced timeously.
  • Estates Unit: This Unit provides advice on estate management issues and ensures that repairs and works on facilities and equipment are properly carried out in the Ministry.
  • Transport Unit: The Unit is responsible for the proper management and provision of an efficient transport system of the Ministry.
  • Protocol Unit: The unit is responsible for managing the protocol services of the Ministry.
  • Security Unit: The Unit is responsible for ensuring the safety of all staff and property of the Ministry.


Finance Division

This Division ensures that there is proper financial management and administration at the Ministry. This division also leads the administration of Treasury management and accounts preparation at the ministry.
It also safeguards the interest of the Ministry in all financial transactions relating to revenue and expenditure.
It further ensures the practice of proper and accountable administration .It also gives advice on all financial matters relating to the ministry.

The Division comprises of the following:-

  1. Accounts Unit: This unit liaises with the Ministry of Finance and the Accountant General’s Department to facilitate the release of funds and authorization for disbursement. It also leads in the preparation of the Annual Budget Estimates and attends Budget Hearings at the Ministry of Finance
  2. Treasury Unit: Examines and verifies the authenticity and accuracy of payment vouchers before authorizing for payment.
  3. Resource Mobilization Unit: The unit is responsible for facilitating the process for sourcing funds from donor partners and other stakeholders for implementing programmes and projects of the ministry.