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The Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations in collaboration with the European Union has trained Forty (40) newly recruited staff of the Department of Labour.

The six days training workshop was held at the True Vine Hotel in Kumasi from Monday, August 30 to Saturday, September 4, 2021 under the EU funded Ghana Employment and Social Protection (GESP) Programme.

The purpose of the training workshop was to provide the newly recruited labour officers, and labour inspectors and some selected staff of the Labour Department with the pragmatic aspects of the employment and labour related services and the main functions of the Department in all levels.

Areas covered by the training workshop included :

  1. Counselling for Job Seekers
  2. Job Matching (job Seekers to job vacancies)
  3. Principles and Processes of Labour Inspections at workplaces
  4. Enforcement of Labour Legislations
  5. Child Labour Incidence Mapping, Referral and follow up
  6. The processing and computing of workmen’s compensation claims

The training was facilitated by Dr. Daryoush Farsimadan,  Team Leader (Policy Advisor) and Mr Antti Hummasti – Labour Administration Expert who are the long terms Experts of the EU funded project : Ghana Employment and Social Protection (GESP) programme by.

List of the trainings and the number of the participants who were trained by the Project in eight subjects since October 2018 until 4th September 2021 is demonstrated below:

LDMELRNVTIICCESOICSub-vented AgenciesSub Total
Labour Inspection1729000 181
Job Counselling & Job Matching146417166 189
Labour Legislations243    27
Communication & Information Dissemination4219111 64
Target Setting  for HQ staff 30   6292
Target Setting   LD staff323    35
Performance Management HQ 15    15
Cabinet Memo Writing 20    20

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