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National Urban Policy Validation Workshop Held

National Urban Policy Validation Workshop Held
By Admin | 26th Feb 2023 | Hits 595

A three-day validation workshop for stakeholders to make inputs, comments and suggestions on best practices, statutory requirements, and coordination for the effective implementation of a National Urban Policy (NUP) and an Implementation Plan has been held in Ho in the Volta Region.

The documents reviewed were the National Slum Upgrading and Prevention Strategy, the Revised National Urban Policy((2023-2032)  and an Implementation Plan Document.

The revised NU P(2013-2032) follows the successful implementation of the NUP (2012) looking back to the implementation of the latter and seeks to build on its successes and further fill the gaps identified.

The revised NUP (2013-2032) replaces the NUP (2012) after its validation, its approval and adoption will push for the agenda toward inclusive, resilient and safe and sustainable urban settlements to achieve national and global goals.

It also anticipates new opportunities and proposes strategies to address emerging challenges to Ghana's urbanisation future with an outlook based on national aspirations as documented in the 1992 Constitution, other related national policy documents and projections as well as international commitments.