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Employment Minister pays working visit to Nestle Ghana

Employment Minister pays working visit to Nestle Ghana
By Admin | 2nd Nov 2022 | Hits 521

The Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah and a team of Directors from the Ministry, its departments and agencies have paid a working visit to Nestle Ghana Limited in Tema, as part of its routine mandate to carry out inspections and also promote decent work standards at workplaces.

In his welcome address, the Cluster Managing Director of Nestle Ghana Limited, Mr. George Badaro welcomed the Hon.  Minister and his entourage and shared the history of the factory’s inception, the successes that have been chalked since 1971 and the current investments.

Mr. Badaro added that the new innovation and expansion work is helping to create employment opportunities for Ghanaians including local and foreign expatriates, national service personnel and persons with disabilities among others.

He disclosed that Nestle Ghana believes in creating shared value for society and has therefore put in place a robust sustainability plan. This, he explained, that the technical know- how of experts are transferred on the job at all levels of the facility. He pointed   out, this has led to the same brand taste for all their products such Milo, Cerelac and chocholim, adding that almost the raw materials such as   rice,  maize and  wheat for production at  Nestle Ghana  Ltd  are homegrown.

The Factory Manager, Mr. Yusuff   Lookman in his presentation stated that, Nestle Ghana has provided and continues to provide employment opportunities for Ghanaians, both in the rural and urban areas. He cited the distribution of 40 tricycles which are being used for the collection of plastic waste management and recycle of waste.

The Human Resource Manageress, Madam Sophia Benson , also revealed that the company has introduced innovation and diversity including a long service workers reward /awards system, maternity and paternity leave of 18 weeks and 4 weeks respectively.  Other achievements he mentioned, were   the hiring of nannies to support breastfeeding mothers, a resident medical doctor to ensure staff well-being, high hygienic standard and protocols and safety plan of workers and a robust succession plan for continuous expansion of Nestle Ghana services.

In response, the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Hon.  Ignatuis Baffour Awuah said he was highly impressed of the level of evolution that has happened over the years at Nestle Ghana Ltd as well as the transition of the company to its current state.

He commended the management of Nestle Ghana Ltd for their level of compliance to international standard of maintaining their products quality.  He reiterated that he was not surprised Nestle Ghana Ltd was adjudged one of the best and outstanding investors in the country that has created employment opportunities and at the same time maintained International Labour Standard, compliance with labour laws, ensured harmonious industrial relations environment, high standard of occupational safety and health protocol, friendly environment operations and promoting of decent works in the company.

The Hon. Minister further lauded the presence of two unions for promoting of social dialogue and workers’ rights at the company. He entreated the union leadership and management to work together to promote the vision of the company.

As part of his concluding remarks, Hon.  Baffour implored Nestle Ghana to take critical look at the cocoa areas, especially where they have carried out interventions in respect of dealing with child labour issues and report back to the Ministry. According to him, the Ministry will subsequently share the report with the broader stakeholders as best practices both in Ghana and abroad.