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Deputy Minister of MELR engages Sector PRO’s on filing early report

Deputy Minister of MELR engages Sector PRO’s on filing early report
By Admin | 4th Oct 2023 | Hits 455

On Wednesday, 4th October, 2023 the Deputy Minister for Employment and Labour Relations Hon. Bright Wireko-Brobby met with the sector Public Relations Officers on the need to file their weekly reports which will enhance the Ministry of Information’s role in providing timely, accurate, and reliable information to the public regarding government policies, programs and activities.

The aim of the meeting was for the PROs to provide information, for purposes of filing   relevant reports by close of day each Friday on the Ministry of Information Online Reporting (Bonsu) platform.

It was also to solicit for the views, ideas and suggestions from attendees on how agencies under the MELR could support the Ministry of Information in effectively and efficiently sharing information with the public and also on the Online Platform. The meeting took place at the Conference Hall of the Ministry.

In all, a total of 30 participants attended the session. Out of the number, PROs were thirteen (13) in number.

A presentation was made by Rev. Mrs. Charlotte Hanson (Head of Public Affairs) on the Online Bonsu platform.  She started with a brief history of the ISD and the primary objective for its establishment.

She further talked about the mandate of the ISD as having the responsibility of communicating Government policies, programmes and activities, as well accessing public reaction as feedback on government policies for national development.

The second presentation was done by Mohammed Salam Aminu (Assistant PRO) on the live features of the (Bonsu) Platform and how to log on to the platform.

Subsequently, a comprehensive discussion was done by participants on the various aspects of improving government information dissemination. The Hon. Deputy Minister concluded the meeting by urging the PRO’s to liaise with the Ministry’s PROs to understand the type of information they should submit.